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PCS – when you want to be sure.

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Flexible solutions – clean results.

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PCS – we clean your premises.

PCS offers professional cleaning services for companies. Our vision as a company is to be, in Ostrobothnia region, the quality leader who takes care of both staff and customers.


Our theme for the last year has been optimising our operations to become even more competitive and, at the same time, more environmentally friendly. Our long-term mission to provide Ostrobothnian companies with flexible, high-quality, and affordable cleaning services remains intact.

So far, we have reduced our fuel consumption by half by gradually electrifying our vehicles and establishing a charging network. In addition, we have invested in heating solutions that enable lower energy consumption, and we lowered the washing temperature for our cleaning cloths from 90 to 60 degrees, saving electricity and sparing the fabrics from wear and tear.

Furthermore, we have phased out the garbage bags made from new plastic raw materials in favour of recycled ones. We have also reduced the detergent used in our cleaning by switching to purified water with a raised pH value in our everyday office cleaning. We also started reusing our chemical packages. By maintaining higher material stock levels and planning our routes better, we have reduced our transportation to a minimum.

PCS will be operating at Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP) starting January 2021. “We are both grateful and proud that Kokkola’s large-scale industry has chosen to invest in PCS’s quality services,” says CEO Pia Kivinen. From now on, we can offer all businesses in the area access to our services.

PCS is now a member of Project Liv, an organization that helps vulnerable children in Ostrobothnia. We admire their commitment and want to support this important cause. It’s cool to care!

Due to the continued strong demand for our services, we are strengthening and reorganizing our organization. As we grow, we want to make sure our customers always receive the best possible “PCS-level” service. Therefore, as of November 2020, we have appointed Maria Friberg as sales manager.

PCS celebrates its 20th anniversary on 1.9.2020. Since the start, our focus has been on raising the positive image of the cleaning industry, by taking good care of our employees and offering our customers world-class cleaning services and quality. During the course over the past 20 years, we had a steady growth of over 10 percent every year. We always reinvest our profits in the PCSs growth and have thus been able to strengthen our concept. We want to sincerely thank our customers and employees who have believed in and supported our vision of how professional cleaning for companies should be carried out.

PCS initiates collaboration with laundry service provider, Kannuksen Keskuspesula. Our goal of this new partnership is to complement our services by delivering the complete cleaning and laundry solution by providing floor mat services and washing maintenance of workwear for our customers. The partnership provides an added value when all of our services can be collected with one invoice, one primary business contact, flexibility, and providing quality laundry and cleaning services with one competitive price. Get in touch with us today, and we will provide a free survey and quotation.

Because of the continuing demand from our customers we strengthen and re-organize our organization. With these changes we can serve our customers even better when we grow having our standards on ”PCS-level”. Therefore, we have made these nominations since May 2019:

  • Charlotte Jungell, will be responsible for quality assurance, customer relations and business development as COO.
  • Suvi Joutsen will be HR Manager and responsible for staff administration, staff planning and recruiting.
  • Maria Friberg will be the Supervisor of extra cleaning. Responsible for sales and execution of floor maintenance, window cleaning and construction site cleaning. Also responsible of recruiting the English-speaking staff.
  • Nina Hallbäck will be Supervisor maintenance cleaning, with daily coordination of trainers and employees.

Our plan is to grow from an organization with 115 employees to over 150 without it affecting further on costs and still offering the high-quality service PCS is known of.

A charity project in Finland collects money for children with illness and their families by different teams which cycle to Paris. Internationally the project, Team Rynkeby – God Morgon – has collected 46 million euros for charity. Since Finland joined in 2014, the project has collected 2,2 million euros from different Finnish clubs and funds who support the project. We admire the engagement and want also to support this important matter.

We have now opened a new business location in city of Kokkola, to better serve our old and new customers further North. We are closer to our customers who we can now help in a way that strengthens our quality concept. From now onward we can offer cleaning services of highest quality to companies in Kokkola and it can be hard to resist us as an alternative.

Our capacity of supervising is growing as we have new trainers. Their most important task is to continuously ensure the quality PCS is known for. By investing in quality and training we can also ensure a steady growth as a company as the demand of our services increase.

PCS take the lead in the industry as we move all intern information into an application. By doing so we can communicate in real time and print 20 000 paper prints less per year. This of course ensures we can continuously offer priceworthy services to our customers.

Does your company need a supplier of changeable carpets? PCS offer local service and flexibility. Contact us and we will do a free plan and offer. A good carpet prevents the dirt from spreading in the building and helps keeping the cleaning costs at a lower level.

PCS follows the customer in wet and dry weather, our goal is lifelong relationship with the customer, with a deeper understanding of the customers needs. It is not enough to evaluate the customer’s needs once, the needs may change in time. We can always offer a valuable solution which is suitable for the customer’s needs and budget even in challenging situations.