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Looking for a job with varied tasks and opportunities to develop? Where your well-being is a priority? Then we’re looking for you!

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PCS is a workplace with many opportunities

At PCS, you won’t be sitting still performing a monotonous task. Your job varies, and you get to develop your own work pace and move during your workday. When you start working for us, you will get thorough training. Our app contains written cleaning schedules, and you will have access to support around the clock, seven days a week.

We care about both customers and co-workers. Your well-being is essential for us, and we offer you opportunities to develop, take on new challenges, and advance within the company. We continuously send out open applications, where you can specify what type of work interests you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

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  • A varying job where you get to be active.
  • Your contribution and well-being are valued.
  • As our co-worker, you get individual, thorough, and continuous training.
  • Our team leaders help you succeed and develop.
  • You have possibilities to advance to other tasks in the company.

Independent work

I enjoy being able to work independently and at my own pace. High-quality professional equipment makes the job easy. I also appreciate the support I get from my colleagues in every situation.


Management supports the workers

The best things about my job are when the customer is satisfied with the cleaning, being in control of my workday and my tasks, and that management is always only a phone call away if there’s something I need to ask. I enjoy working at PCS because the management gives positive feedback when you do a good job, and they listen to your request, which motivates me to keep doing my best.


Job opportunities

Our door is always open. What type of work arrangement would suit you best?

Early bird

For the early bird who wants the more significant part of the afternoon off, the workday starts at 6 AM. With this arrangement, you can enjoy a lot of free time and the salary of a full-time job.

Part-time work combined with studies

In the evenings and weekends, the offices are empty. This is an opportunity for students to combine part-time work with school.

Shift work

If you prefer to work in shifts, it’s possible to tailor your work schedule to fit, for example, your partner’s work schedule. Would you like to work evenings one week and mornings the next, or maybe some other configuration? What would best suit your current circumstances?

Part-time work combined with parental leave

You might still want to stay home with your child but would gladly dip your toes into working life again. There are many ways to combine work with everyday life at home. How would you like to structure your schedule? A few hours here and there, evenings, or full workdays now and then?


Our workers have to stay home for sick leave sometimes, and that’s when we need someone who can accept a mission with short notice. As a stand-in, you get to choose which job assignments you undertake, and you’re vital to our operation.

For the one with experience

Do you have experience working in this field but are tired of the lack of support or the inconvenient working hours? At PCS, we always offer our workers support, our work community is friendly, and your well-being matters to us.

Task force

When we have more extensive projects at hand, we send out our task force that handles, for example, final cleaning on construction sites, window washing and floor maintenance. This working arrangement is for those who enjoy working together in effective teams.


If you have previous experience cleaning for corporate customers, you have the opportunity to become one of our supervisors. As a supervisor, you instruct and help our workers succeed with their job duties, and you’re essential to our company’s progress.

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We are offering work with flexible solutions that fit you and your circumstances. You get to work in a professional organization and a positive environment with happy customers and friendly co-workers at PCS!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Send us an e-mail, and we’ll contact you and continue the conversation.

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