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The majority of companies in our region choose us as their partner when it comes to cleaning.

We design professional overall solutions for our customers:

  • Cleaning plan designed by needs (how often, what is cleaned and how).
  • Changeable carpets and other carpet solutions, which prevent dirt and mud from spreading in the building.
  • Sanitary products and -dosers, for professional use and always in top condition.
  • Extensive cleaning estimations and implementing the plan. Floor protection to keep them in good condition for a long time.
  • We have a practical quality system on the level of operating cleaners to ensure high quality in cleaning.

What is PCS?

Our vision

From the beginning the vision has been to be the leading company in the business in Osthrobothnia area. The original vision has come true but the developing continues. More and more companies, including successful export businesses, choose PCS. Our success is a result of priceworthy services in best quality.

To keep the lead as the best partner in cleaning, we continue to develop our services by the customer needs and wishes. The know-how and commitment of our staff is the key to good service. Our staff can answer the needs of the customer due personal training and guidance and by enjoying the job they do.

Our vision still lives: PCS want to be the quality leader in cleaning business in Osthrobothnia area.


Our history

PCS founder, Pia-Hannele Kivinen grew up in Tornedalen, under modest conditions. Since her teen years, Pia learned the importance of hard work and started to develop her passion for cleaning. On September 1, 2000, Pia founded PCS to serve companies that demand and desire a clean and enjoyable working environment. The company name, PCS is a summary of the service they provide, Professional Cleaning Service.

The primary goal of PCS has always been for our customers to receive professional, worry-free, and high-quality service for the right price and on time. PCS employees do not only get the correct number of working hours and a sustainable salary, but opportunities to influence the working area and flexible working hours. It was important for Pia to create a workplace environment where others who also enjoy cleaning have the opportunity to work in a pleasant environment and have a job to be proud of. By making all parties in the equation satisfied, a genuinely successful business is achieved.

During the first years as an entrepreneur, Pia gathered a “Dream team” of like-minded coworkers, many of whom today are handling the company administration. Thanks to the fact that they enjoyed their workplace and were allowed to grow personally and professionally together with the company, they remained at PCS and shouldered more responsibility and authority throughout the years. Their invaluable contributions and commitment to the organization have shaped PCS into the thriving company we are today.

At PCS, we still carry the same passion and drive for the cleaning industry as 20 years ago. PCS has grown and proudly employs over 130 people today. Our vision is to be a high quality-leading cleaning company in Ostrobothnia that takes care of its customers and employees. We have a very long-term approach to our firm as a family business, therefore we do not consider Q1 to be completed.

We want to sincerely thank our customers and employees who have believed in and supported our vision of how professional cleaning should be carried out.

  1. Pia-Hannele Kivinen founds PCS 1.9.2000.
  2. We decide the direction of our company: ”We want to be the best in everything we do”.
  3. Demand for our services grows and we recruit new staff.
  4. The company form was changed to general partnership and Simon Kivinen joins the business. Suvi Joutsen is nominated as supervisor.
  5. Charlotte Jungell is nominated as supervisor.
  6. Our logo and web page look are updated.
  7. We become a corporation.
  8. A technical support title is founded to develop machine maintenance and to improve logistics.
  9. Title educator is created to train staff continuously.
  10. Revenue exceeds one million.
  11. New business location at Ristisuonraitti with offices and logistics and for the staff to meet each other and to get training.
  12. We founded a new team for additional services, which include the periodic services like maintenance of floors, window washing, overall cleanings and final cleanings at building sites.
  13. Pia-Hannele Kivinen studies the Specialist Qualification for Cleaning Technicians.
  14. Company’s warehouse capacity grew with 500 m³ and a new web page was launched.
  15. Turnover exceeds two million euros.
  16. New business location in Kokkola and digitalized communication for the staff.
  17. We strengthened the organization with an Operations Manager and a Human Resources Manager.
  18. The turnover exceeds 3 million euros.
    We are currently developing a new app in order to have a timely follow-up, schedule planning, news flow, and an internal chat to use in our organization.
  19. We improve our climate smart practices to reduce our environmental impact and expenses.
  20. The turnover exceeds 4 million euros.