What we promise – we keep!

Work safety

We develop our work safety all the time to be a reliable partner:

  • Our staff is carefully briefed continuously on a personal level due our training plan.
  • In our application we have written work instructions, were every step of the work is described in detail.
  • All our cleaning equipment rooms are in excellent condition and the application has safety information of all the cleaners.
  • Our technical support maintain all equipment and machines to ensure they are quickly fixed when needed.
  • Our work safety team check the work safety of our staff regularly at the site
  • Our staff have working clothes with our logo.
  • Our staff have visible ID cards which show all the necessary legal information and the tax number of the company.
  • We also use the safety equipment required at each work place:
    • Safety gloves
    • Safety footwear with toe protection
    • Attention clothing
    • ID cards
    • Ear protection
    • Safety helmets
    • Respirator masks with different filters
    • Protection glasses and face protection masks

Bored of waiting?

For the buyer it is exhausting to work with operators who are not able to deliver as agreed and who you must remind to get something done. This is not how we do it at PCS. We keep the agreed timetables and deliver the ordered services. No project will be delayed due to us.

We serve our regular customers whenever they need our services. After the first connection with us, you are left with the feeling that we take care of it. This is a feeling we want to provide.

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